Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Like a Mermaid in Batangas

One day my dad and his uncle Lolo Ong got bored so they decided to go fishing the next day. They immediately told me and the family to pack up foods and things needed for the trip (fishing rods, baits, swimming clothes, etc). After packing we fired up the van and we went straight to Matabungkay, Batangas.

When we arrived, I was thrilled to discover that the entrance to the beach was only 5 pesos per head! The cottages cost around 500-1500 per day. Why so cheap?!

At first, I didn't like the beach because of the many Balsas (cottages) floating near the sea shore and it was really awkward since I'm so maarte. I'm still suspicious about the price, so I decided to just stay at the cottage and have a long catch-up chat with my pretty Tita Queenie. :) Later I found out that the beach is actually clean. The sand is gray-ish that's why I thought the water was filthy but it's actually clear you could see through it!

And what's a trip to the beach without a henna tattoo? We went to the nearby henna shop and have our upper back sides done. The tattoos originally costs 100 pesos each but because we used our bargaining charms, we are able to get it for 50 each.;)

Kuya doing my henna.
The fiery heart and the bright sun. Fierce, eh?

We got bored so we thought of continuing our chit chat in the middle of the sea. We rented a paddle boat that costs 300 pesos per hour.

Can't wait to dip our feet into the waters!

A beautiful view behind a beautiful girl. Perfect!
We fed the fishes with the bread we brought. ♥ Those fishes are reaaaallly lovely. They are colorful and magical. :)

Our plan was to actually just stay at the boat, chit chat, and just feed the fishes but we are vulnerable to the water calling us so we ended up having a long swim at the wide open sea. Great thing our Kuya guide has extra goggles in his boat. Snorkeling it is! :)
A picture filled with love. HAHA!
Oh look at those beautiful blue creatures!
I am no doubt a mermaid.
More fishes weeee!

Enjoying our impromptu swimming under the sea. We're actually above a huge rock in that picture but if you try to swim across the rock, it was super deep! :) It was really one of the most fun and wonderful experiences of my life.
Nini and our paddleboat.
Too busy to care! I just wanna swim!!

Grab your bags and head straight to Matabungkay, Batangas for a very cheap yet fun adventure trip! Don't forget your goggles! :)