Sunday, June 26, 2011

The 1st Manila Go Skateboarding Day 2011

I love skateboarding. Pero di pa ko marunong. I'm still a noobie, and I and my board rarely goes out 'coz my school stuffs won't allow it. Pero I really find it so much fun. Who wouldn't love skateboarding?

Today is the 1st Manila Go Skateboarding Day 2011. It was originally June 21, 2011 but the weather's shitty so it was moved today. It was in fact a good thing because it's moved to a weekend so skateboarding enthusiasts won't have to cut classes. It was held in front of the Malate fountain in the Rajah Soliman Park in Liwasang Bonifacio. 

Being the ever "chismosa", I went to the event. I was supposed to go with my bestfriend Neng but unfortunately she had stuffs to do so I was alone there haha! Pero ok lang coz I get to see skateboarding people. I was just there staring at skateboarders. 

Cool. \m/
It's so much fun watching them so bibo.
Supporters of the sport.
With the host Todd Tessier
People raising their boards up.
It's so great to know that such event was held.  Some people think that skateboarding is just plain nonsense, some even think it's an annoying activity. I do believe that this sport has a lot to offer. This is a passion activity, and passion could change lives. If you can't understand these people, probably you don't live a passionate life. And I've spoken to some people who love this sport and they're too awesome. Mas masarap sila kausap compare sa mga normal na nakakasalamuha ko. :)

I didn't finish the event. I wasn't able to see it when they skated the roads of Manila. 
Learn more about it here.

I promise to skate more often kahit na di ipinagaadya ng sched ko. SWEAR!

A glimpse of the The 1st Manila Go Skateboarding Day 2011
Happy Skateboarding Day!!


  1. Love!!! Can I post it in our FB event page? Thanks!

  2. Sure! :)

    @Dong: Haha saya nio lang e. :)

  3. fb pla ate?? o kya add na lng po. .tnx. . po ng mrami sa pag uplod.