Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mr. Pinatubo's Irresistible Charms

One upon a time, I and neng decided to trek Mt. Pinatubo. Wala lang trip lang. So we searched for trek packages on the net and we found the perfect tour for us.
Our trip schedule is on May 21 and we have to meet with our organizers at 3am at McDonald's nearest to the EDSA Quezon ave MRT station.
Since our parents won't allow us to travel, just like what i've mentioned in my about me page, we told them that it was our friend Raia's debut, and we will be sleeping over at her house. >:D. We left home about 7pm and we arrived at Mcdonald's at 8pm. And yes, we stayed there from 8pm to 3am. HAHA! :)
You might wonder what we did during those 7 hours of waiting. Eto yun:
We read. We soundtripped.
We took pictures.
We took videos. Mukha kaming bangag. At take note, wala pa kaming tulog.
We talk about people sa Mcdo.
We chatted with ate,who happens to be a mother of a model. She's been waiting there - since 8pm just like us- for her daughter who works in ABS-CBN.
We slept. Alternate kami. :)))

   At exactly 2:30, our organizer Mr. Tee arrived and after paying our balances and after arranging everything, we immediately boarded the van that will take us to the base camp of Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales and slept. The van left at 3am sharp, heading to Zambales.

We arrived at the base camp at around 5:30. 
 Welcome to Mt. Pinatubo.
We waited for an hour at Spa Town.
At around 6:30, the 4x4 jeep arrived. Yehey! 
We felt lucky 'cos our 4x4 jeep is the only one that's open. God is with us haha! And hindi maaraw! Nor maulan. :) 

We stopped for a while and have photos taken on the trail going to Mt. Pinatubo. The stunning view is literally taking our breathes away.
We started walking as soon as we reach the starting point of the trail going to Mt. Pinatubo. :)
Meet our lovely tour guide, Manong Robert. :) Tropa na sila agad ni Neng.
Here are some of the exquisite views that welcomed us:
Stolen shots. 
Finally, we reached the starting point of the trek. I think we walked the trail for 1-2 hours.
Hmm. Where do I belong?

Trekking photos. I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures 'coz i'm effin tired! Buti nalang naawa samin si Manong Robert and he carried our huge back packs.
 Look at how happy neng is after reaching the crater!

Can you believe this view?? 
Looks like heaven. Splendid. That's all I can say.
Crater lake at closer look.
 Can you believe we're swimming in it?? :))
Just one thing.
Super fail ang CR. Kaya we have to wash up sa labas dahil hindi namin kaya sa loob. Naligo kami ng di oras  sa labas. Good thing walang tao.
Yehey. We're about to trek back na. :) I'm gonna miss you Mr. Pinatubo! :,)
Also, I want to share na habang pabalik kami, we saw 2 guys on motorcycles, at nakikipagbakbakan sa mga bato dun. Sobrang cool! Sa sobrang bilib ko, I forgot to take pictures of them. They're motocrossing in Mount Pinatubo. O_O
Ang cute lang ng mga 4x4 jeeps na nagaantay sa amin. 
Video shots of us trekking the alluring Mt. Pinatubo.

Besides the Fail CR, dislocated ankles (joking), and super duper mega exhausted bodies, everything is to be loved in this trip (well that is if you're a nature's beauty enthusiast). 
Wanna see these wonderful things God created in person too ? Visit this site.
Happy Trekking!


  1. I love your blog!amazing!I'm so jealous with your pinatubo trip!


  3. Hi Anon! :) Don't be jealous! Instead, go on a trip yourself. :)

    Hi neng! HAHA Ohnaman! Yan usapang matino yan a. Pupunta tayo dun no matter what.

  4. lol, wish mo n lng hindi toh mabasa ng parents mo... :)

  5. Carla! :) Oo wish ko lang talaga kundi yari ako hahaha.