Monday, March 26, 2012

Mountain + Beach = A Perfect Summer Getaway (Mt. Daguldol and Laiya White Sand Beach)

It was finally summer vacation and my feet are itching again. My first stop: a trek to Mt. Daguldol and a swim to the white beach of Laiya, Batangas with my Achian Society Family.

Achian Society. 
Before we reach the foot of Mt. Daguldol, we have to take a long walk by the white sand beach and it was really hard to do with our heavy backpacks making us sink through the sand lol.
The trail going to the base of the mountain.
When we reached middle of the mountain, we unfortunately have to stop because one of our members had an asthma attack. We had to stay for the night and assemble our tents in Mang Lizardo's place. We will have to continue our trek the next morning.
Bebe Maan on our way to the top the next day! 
The view of the mountain

Team work! Our boys were such gentlemen.

Maan and Kuya Japs - Our group leader.
Look at that happy face despite the exhaustion and sandals straps breaking. Wanna be on top? Deal with these shizzes.
Kuya Victor about to conquer the solemn mountain.

As I feel the touch of the mountain breeze, thoughts of beautiful magical things came into my mind. I WASN'T EVEN KIDDING.
Hurray for Bebe Maan for her 2nd mountain conquered!
We are so grateful because we arrived just in time before the sun rises. It was an exquisite view.
After a few minutes of staying at the summit, we decided to trek back immediately so that we could spend more of our remaining time at the white sand beach.
A lizard was sold to Kuya Japs by this little boy for 400 pesos. What a bargain! 
About to leave the mountain... 
...only to welcome the white sand beach :D

Ain't them happy adventurous pretty ladies?

Some infos from Pinoy Mountaineer
Private transport utilize either the Maharlika Highway to Candelaria then turning left to San Juan, or using Star Tollway all the way to Batangas City then proceeding to San Juan. Free parking is available at the jumpoff.
Logistics. The HEGA (Hugom Environmental Guide Association) is the official guide service in Mt. Daguldol. The most recent updates place the daily fee at P350; there is also a P35 registration fee per person.

Be on top! :)