Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fully Booked for 5 days.

After Pinatubo, I told myself that I would be staying home the entire time until the school starts on June 6 and will never go out. Although I still sneak and go to Ayala and High Street, most of the time, I'm home pigging out and indulging on books and flicks. (Well, not really.)
Everyday for 5 days I read 1 book. Yezzz. Kinda exhausting but at least my brain is working. I really love books because they're the cheapest tickets to get to different parts of the world (thanks to book-borrowing, nbs, fully booked and of course, book sale!).
I'm gonna do book reviews of what I've read for 5 days.

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki

photo from here.
This book is a must-read for everyone. Most of us, especially Filipino adults, are financially illiterate and we didn't know that this ignorance regarding financial setting is what's making us poor. Robert Kiyosaki is a genius for putting up such concept of a rich dad and a poor dad because he had clearly stated the difference between the way of thinking of the wealthy and the broke. It was surprisingly not boring and the details was clearly put making it so easy to digest. You will be amazed with the points that you are going to encounter because you will discover a lot of realizations like, some of the things you believed in that would make you rich would actually make you poor, and vice versa, and a lot more.. 

The Naked Face - Sidney Sheldon
photo from here.
Ok. Another Sidney Sheldon creation. I'm in love with him na talaga. This book is about a psychoanalyst named Judd Stevens who knew personally 2 people that has been murdered subsequently. He was uncertain of whether he was going to be murdered next or was just a paranoiac. I love this book! It was so fast-paced and I was clueless of what could unfold in the next pages i'm about to read. Sidney Sheldon FTW!

FRIDAY - May 27
Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
photo from here.
This is like the best success book I've ever read. (It might be one because it was an international best-seller and a lot of millionaires have read it.) It was written by Napoleon Hill, who at the early age of 17, started this mission to know what the secret to being wealthy is. He talked to more than 500 millionaires during his time and this book is the compilation of the most important points of his interviews. Sobrang galing lang ni Napoleon. You could also learn a lot of formulas (Yes. Getting rich requires certain formulas) on how to be successful not only financially but in all other aspects in life.  Pero you have to read it over and over again. I have to warn you there are a lot of humdrum parts but I advice you to disregard that boredom and slap your face just for the sake of being rich. If I became rich in the future, this book is the one to blame. I love this book!

Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan - Bob Ong
photo from here.
This is the latest book by Bob Ong as of now. Don't read it alone 'coz IT'S CREEPY especially on the latter parts. Hindi ko magets ung ibang parts but I like it. :) I love how it gives auto-suggestions through a journal of a 16-year-old boy named Gilberto "Galo" Manansala. Some might not appreciate this book by Bob because it's not his usual kind of work. Although some parts are still humorous, some people might think that this book has nothing to offer and is plain. But what I saw beyond the simple journal of Gilberto are the different lessons it was trying to show us. Bob was comparing the lifestyle of the people in the past to what it's like in the present. That children way back his time, they were simply playing the traditional mataya-taya, patintero, luksong baka and the likes, unlike now, they would probably be sprawling at their couches watching nickelodeon while eating junks. And how Gilberto's lola tried to explain to him a lot about simple living, how people manage to use energy to create toxic and rubbish and a lot more metaphors. Para siyang guilt book for sinners.

SUNDAY - May 29
Master Key System - Charles Haanel
photo from here.
This is the book that John Calub said he bought for $5 million, and I bought it for like, 400. I'm the man! :) Well, this is a book that you need to focus very much on coz it's so hard to digest. I have to say that this is really boring but I still have to say that this is very substantial. You could learn a lot of principles on how to achieve success. I swear i'm going to read this over and over again until I fully understand everything.

You might notice na 3 out of these 5 books, puro about success sya. These are the latest books kasi I've bought and I really want to be a multi-millionaire. Maybe in some of my next blog posts, i'll share some things that I've learned sa mga nabasa ko. 

Also, these music linger in my head throughout the week

Yes. I want to learn this song, sing it in french, kahit na magmumukha kong nagoorasyon. :) This is from 500 days of summer. Learned it from neng.

One of the songs of the latest album of Maroon 5. This is stuck in my head until now. Why are they so ledge? O_O
Did I mention I am the number 1 fan of Parokya ni Edgar? :)

You have to listen to this guy. His name is Tyler Ward and he's amaziiiiing. <3 Check out his channel.

<3 The Weeknd

I will share to you my all-time favorite song. I don't know why, but every single time I listen to this song, I feel... happy. The melody, lyrics and the voice of Mario when combined, seems magical <3  Hehe. (Ito na yung pinakamatinong audio na nahanap ko sa Youtube. Don't mind the video.)

Lalalalalalalala... la lang. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mr. Pinatubo's Irresistible Charms

One upon a time, I and neng decided to trek Mt. Pinatubo. Wala lang trip lang. So we searched for trek packages on the net and we found the perfect tour for us.
Our trip schedule is on May 21 and we have to meet with our organizers at 3am at McDonald's nearest to the EDSA Quezon ave MRT station.
Since our parents won't allow us to travel, just like what i've mentioned in my about me page, we told them that it was our friend Raia's debut, and we will be sleeping over at her house. >:D. We left home about 7pm and we arrived at Mcdonald's at 8pm. And yes, we stayed there from 8pm to 3am. HAHA! :)
You might wonder what we did during those 7 hours of waiting. Eto yun:
We read. We soundtripped.
We took pictures.
We took videos. Mukha kaming bangag. At take note, wala pa kaming tulog.
We talk about people sa Mcdo.
We chatted with ate,who happens to be a mother of a model. She's been waiting there - since 8pm just like us- for her daughter who works in ABS-CBN.
We slept. Alternate kami. :)))

   At exactly 2:30, our organizer Mr. Tee arrived and after paying our balances and after arranging everything, we immediately boarded the van that will take us to the base camp of Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales and slept. The van left at 3am sharp, heading to Zambales.

We arrived at the base camp at around 5:30. 
 Welcome to Mt. Pinatubo.
We waited for an hour at Spa Town.
At around 6:30, the 4x4 jeep arrived. Yehey! 
We felt lucky 'cos our 4x4 jeep is the only one that's open. God is with us haha! And hindi maaraw! Nor maulan. :) 

We stopped for a while and have photos taken on the trail going to Mt. Pinatubo. The stunning view is literally taking our breathes away.
We started walking as soon as we reach the starting point of the trail going to Mt. Pinatubo. :)
Meet our lovely tour guide, Manong Robert. :) Tropa na sila agad ni Neng.
Here are some of the exquisite views that welcomed us:
Stolen shots. 
Finally, we reached the starting point of the trek. I think we walked the trail for 1-2 hours.
Hmm. Where do I belong?

Trekking photos. I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures 'coz i'm effin tired! Buti nalang naawa samin si Manong Robert and he carried our huge back packs.
 Look at how happy neng is after reaching the crater!

Can you believe this view?? 
Looks like heaven. Splendid. That's all I can say.
Crater lake at closer look.
 Can you believe we're swimming in it?? :))
Just one thing.
Super fail ang CR. Kaya we have to wash up sa labas dahil hindi namin kaya sa loob. Naligo kami ng di oras  sa labas. Good thing walang tao.
Yehey. We're about to trek back na. :) I'm gonna miss you Mr. Pinatubo! :,)
Also, I want to share na habang pabalik kami, we saw 2 guys on motorcycles, at nakikipagbakbakan sa mga bato dun. Sobrang cool! Sa sobrang bilib ko, I forgot to take pictures of them. They're motocrossing in Mount Pinatubo. O_O
Ang cute lang ng mga 4x4 jeeps na nagaantay sa amin. 
Video shots of us trekking the alluring Mt. Pinatubo.

Besides the Fail CR, dislocated ankles (joking), and super duper mega exhausted bodies, everything is to be loved in this trip (well that is if you're a nature's beauty enthusiast). 
Wanna see these wonderful things God created in person too ? Visit this site.
Happy Trekking!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: L'Oreal presents Lyle Ibanez and Yvonne Quisumbing

Fashion has always been a part of me. In fact I wanna open my own clothing line in the near future and as early as now, i'm planning on that na. :)

I always wanted to attend fashion shows just to know what its like, so when I got two invites from the Philippine Fashion Week Show, I immediately phoned Neng and told her to save May 11, 2011.

We arrived at the venue too early so we first grabbed some iced coffee and one chocolate cake from Travel Cafe Philippines, located at the ground floor of SMX Convention Center.
We literally arrived WAY TOO EARLY so we had all the time for goofing around and for taking pictures. (I'm not posting :P)

The fashion show started at around 10pm and we're in at 9.30. Only a few people watched the show so we had the opportunity to sit only 3 rows away from the runway. That would give us enough view of the entire show.

L'Oreal presented the designers: 
Lyle Ibanez featured black themed designed clothes for men and women, and glittery dresses for women. We love his glitter turquoise dress because it was so elegant and it was something that Carrie Bradshaw would wear (f***yeahcarrie!).
Yvonne Quisumbing's featured designs consists of neutral color fabrics and flowy dresses. One red dress was modeled by Anne Curtis. I don't have clear picture shots of those because my digicam won't allow clear takes of it. (So I have to get ahold of my SLR soon!! Where is it na ba? :P)
Photos from the runway.

The show ended too soon and we crave for more! I don't know why the energy from fashion shows made me  so passionate and burning(HAHA OA!). All we did was talk and criticize stuffs the entire show. Maybe the thrill of seeing my own designs in the future being worn and walked in the runway by striking supermodels stayed in my imagination throughout the whole show. 

After the show,
we took more pictures,
strolled around the seaside boulevard (which is a bit exhilarating considering our 4-inch heels),
and of course, PIGGED OUT AT MCDO! Omnomnom! What a great way to end a glamorous day. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Great Sidney Sheldon

I'm a bookworm in case you didn't know, but that's only apparent when I have no moolah to spend on getaways.

Every book enthusiast has her favorite author and I present to you my fiction God, the master of the masters when it comes to writing mystery novels: SIDNEY SHELDON. (*applause*)

I've read almost all of the books of Sheldon and most, if not all of them are brain-teasing. His works are so distinct from others, fast-paced and is never predictable. Every novel features high intellect and very exciting chapters.

The last book i've read is Tell Me Your Dreams and this is one of the best works of Sidney. This is a story of three women named Ashley Patterson, Toni Prescott and Alette Peters who happens to share one thing in common. Read to find out what the shocking twist is :)

But my all-time favorite book by the master storytelller is the Stars Shine Down. It is about a woman named Lara Cameron who faced a lot of obstacles in order for her to achieve the success as a real estate developer.

I love this book more than the others because it touched me the most. I'm a big dreamer and Lara Cameron's wit and intellect inspired me, and makes me live with the fact that girls could also rule the male-dominating world -the business world. I wanna be just like her! 

I don't have to make a list of recommended books by Sidney because ALL of them are promising. So I tell you, the next time you hunt for a thrilling and exciting book to indulge with on a boring uneventful summer day, grab a Sheldon!

Just in case you're too lazy to search for them, I made a list of all of his books:

·  The Naked Face (1970)
·  Bloodline (1977)
·  Rage of Angels (1980)
·  Master of the Game (1982)
·  If Tomorrow Comes (1985)
·  The Sands of Time (1988)
·  The Best Laid Plans (1997)
·  Tell Me Your Dreams (1998)
·  The Sky Is Falling (2001)

Also don't miss out his autobigraphy The Other Side of Me which is a must-read for big dreamers who wants to hear loads of inspirational stories. :)