Monday, May 16, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week: L'Oreal presents Lyle Ibanez and Yvonne Quisumbing

Fashion has always been a part of me. In fact I wanna open my own clothing line in the near future and as early as now, i'm planning on that na. :)

I always wanted to attend fashion shows just to know what its like, so when I got two invites from the Philippine Fashion Week Show, I immediately phoned Neng and told her to save May 11, 2011.

We arrived at the venue too early so we first grabbed some iced coffee and one chocolate cake from Travel Cafe Philippines, located at the ground floor of SMX Convention Center.
We literally arrived WAY TOO EARLY so we had all the time for goofing around and for taking pictures. (I'm not posting :P)

The fashion show started at around 10pm and we're in at 9.30. Only a few people watched the show so we had the opportunity to sit only 3 rows away from the runway. That would give us enough view of the entire show.

L'Oreal presented the designers: 
Lyle Ibanez featured black themed designed clothes for men and women, and glittery dresses for women. We love his glitter turquoise dress because it was so elegant and it was something that Carrie Bradshaw would wear (f***yeahcarrie!).
Yvonne Quisumbing's featured designs consists of neutral color fabrics and flowy dresses. One red dress was modeled by Anne Curtis. I don't have clear picture shots of those because my digicam won't allow clear takes of it. (So I have to get ahold of my SLR soon!! Where is it na ba? :P)
Photos from the runway.

The show ended too soon and we crave for more! I don't know why the energy from fashion shows made me  so passionate and burning(HAHA OA!). All we did was talk and criticize stuffs the entire show. Maybe the thrill of seeing my own designs in the future being worn and walked in the runway by striking supermodels stayed in my imagination throughout the whole show. 

After the show,
we took more pictures,
strolled around the seaside boulevard (which is a bit exhilarating considering our 4-inch heels),
and of course, PIGGED OUT AT MCDO! Omnomnom! What a great way to end a glamorous day. :)


  1. You two are the coolest!so chic! How can I get an invitation/ticket? I want to bring my best friend to the fashion show too :)

  2. Thanks! :)

    Oh they weren't actually tickets that you could buy, instead, they're invites. You could get these through friends who have connections to the show or you could join promos. :) Also, certain shops were providing guidelines on how you could get invites. :)