Monday, February 6, 2012

Hydrotherapy-ing at Ace Water Spa

 I am longing for a massage especially things are getting stressful these days so my family and I went to Ace Water Spa Pasig Branch. 
Lapping Pool
Obviously, cameras are not allowed inside the water areas so let me just state it for you.

These are the facilities inside the spa center:
  • Parking - Valet options
  • Swim shop
  • Reception area
  • Spacious Locker rooms
  • Organized shoe racks
  • Changing Area (for women)
  • Shower area
  • 25m; 5 lanes lapping pool
  • Hydrotherapy spa area
    • Waterfalls
    • Lazy River
    • 25 massage systems
  • Resting area
  • 4 Hot Herbal Pools
  • Steam
  • Sauna
  • Floor Fountain
  • Restaurant - Ace Coffee Lounge
  • Skygarden
 My favorite is the 4 hot herbal pools slash jacuzzis. Each pool has a different temperature depending on your heat tolerance. This one was very soothing and relaxing, followed by a quick dip in the cold water pool.
This is the very cozy restaurant/coffee lounge
Tati indulging her sweet yummy treat!

 After the 4 hour stay in the waters, we ate at the Ace Restaurant. It was served in buffet and it's around 600 pesos per person. It was worth it because the food was really delicious and limitless. :)) They serve different kinds of cuisines (japanese, italian, etc.) Desserts are unlimited too! ♥
Look at those happy satisfied faces. :D

Ace Water Spa redefines its service by letting you use all its facilities for four (4) hours by paying only P550.00/adult and P250.00/kid (4 ft. & below). (Source: Ace Water Spa). This is one satisfying experience and an unusual massage/spa treatment so you better pack those swimsuits now. :)

For more info, visit their site: Ace Water Spa


  1. Nowadays people forget about their selves because of the hectic schedule at work, school and other curricular activities. It's time to give your self a break for a relaxing and refreshing massage :) to make life easier. Watching the video make me starve, it's very enjoying venture for family and even your partner :) massage oil

  2. Your post makes me miss my trip to Ace Water Spa months ago! I would love to go back and try their buffet deals next time!

    BTW, have you seen their discount promo from Metrodeal?