Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A trip to Wawa Dam

I promise myself to travel more often this year and go to places I've never been before at least once a month. This January, I tried to roam around Intramuros as a start but I wasn't able to do it because when I reached Central terminal, there were 3 guys following me and I got scared and backed out. :)) But my hard-headed, adventurous self said that I'll try again next month. Then suddenly, I thought of asking Tom, a friend of mine, if he could come with me to Wawa Dam and luckily he's willing to.

How we got there: From EDSA taft, we rode a bus going to Cubao and we took off in front of the Farmer's Plaza Cubao. We rode an FX going to Montalban (50 pesos) and told them to drop us wherever there is a jeepney going to Wawa Dam, but when we got there, we rode a tricycle instead (30 pesos).

This is what Wawa Dam looks like:

Feeling the waters haha!

This place is a nice place if you want to travel on the spot because you want to think about your life haha! There are no fees - except for touring and trekking fees. :) I like this place!

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