Sunday, July 29, 2018

Faster manifestation

If you'll notice in my past blog post, I was kind of in a state of low vibration.

The thing is, I've been high vibe for months now, and from time to time, I feel down, especially when something triggers it.

Thing is, my attraction powers are extra strong nowadays, especially since I'm doing mindset work. Which means, whatever it is I'm focusing on, I'm attracting to me extra faster. So when I was triggered by a negative thing, it creates a momentum of manifesting negative things in my life too.

I'm just really lucky that I'm aware that I'm doing this to myself now. Because of my awareness, I was able to create a solution to snap out of it immediately, and block the negative manifestation.

That's why one little trigger caused me to spiral downward. I talked to a friend and she ruined my vibe, then I focused on it too much, then I got sick and then a thunderstorm came that we had to be rescued from our house.

So yeah. This skill of mine is so powerful, that's why I have to master it even more. Which is good news for me. 

I love life so much right now. I feel so aligned right now, and I intend to keep it that way. I am inspired so much and I am experiencing more clarity with what I'm trying to do.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Gotta let it happen

I don't even know myself at all
I thought I would be happy by now
The more I try to push it I realize
Gotta let go of control

Gotta let it happen
Gotta let it happen
Gotta let it happen
So let it happen

It's just a spark
But it's enough to keep me going
And when it's dark out, no one's around
It keeps glowing

Every night I try my best to dream
Tomorrow makes it better
Then I wake up to the cold reality
And not a thing is changed

But it will happen
Gotta let it happen
Gotta let it happen
Gotta let it happen

It's just a spark
But it's enough to keep me going
And when it's dark out, no one's around
It keeps glowing

I've been dreaming for so long now. And I feel like nothing's changing. Sometimes I really feel frustrated, and I wanted to give up. 

But then I have this voice inside me that's telling me, I'd rather keep suffering than accept that I won't be living my dream. There is that little spark that just pushes me up even though I'm at my downest.

I learned to just rest when I feel so tired. That great things take time. That it's gonna happen. I just have to let it happen and not push it when it's not yet time.

This song by Paramore allowed me to surrender again today. I feel like I always wanted to control things. But really, I should just let things happen, and really, do my the best I can and make sure I'm enjoying the process.

I am becoming happier and happier everyday. I feel like I'm still journeying to life, and I'm still discovering more things about myself. I just really need to embrace my truth and listen to my heart more often.

Everyday I'm becoming more sure of what I want. But impatience is my enemy. That's why I'll try to surrender and cultivate patience.

Thank heavens for Hayley Williams

Resulta ng larawan para sa hayley williams

Whenever I feel a little gloomy, or there's not that much excitement happening in my life (like today because I'm too focused on finishing writing my book), Paramore is my ultimate antidote.

Just watching their concerts online really makes my day. 

Hayley Williams is one of those persons that brings light to my world. I can't imagine life without her music. I feel like she's someone who goes the same journey as I am, and listening to her songs makes me feel less alone. Sometimes you just have to hear other people going through the same struggles as you, and it will make your feelings validated in a way. Which just makes the experience a lot lighter and more bearable.

Thank you Hayley. You're my angel.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Naruto Shippuden - A very relatable anime

So lately, I've been binge-watching naruto with my husband!

I miss anime so much. It reminds me of those times when I was so young and I would start playing the characters with my cousins and brother. It was so much fun and carefree back then.

Resulta ng larawan para sa naruto shippuden

Naruto is soooo different though. I've been very obsessed with energy and chakras lately, and I am enjoying that Naruto is a perfect metaphor of real life energies.

What I love about Naruto is that this anime is deep shit man! I mean, those lines, those scenarios, they happened to me in real life!! All those anecdotes about suffering, pain, hatred and peace. Everything is so much applicable in life. I can't wait to see how this anime would end, and how peace is going to be achieved. It was as if the creator of this series has been practicing Zen, and he had experienced such sufferings as well. it was a very awesome anime, not just for kids but also for adults like me trying to survive this adult world.

I also am in love with the fight scenes. And then the scenes where my favorite characters will die. This anime is just playing with my emotions. I just love this anime!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A New Chapter Awaits!

I cannot wait to be back on this blog!!

It's been 4 years and it felt like forever. 

I realized that what's missing in my life is to have an outlet of fun. I've been working real hard for a long time now, and I realized that I'm not enjoying this anymore. I realized that I have to have a place where it will all be just personal. 

I've been wanting to write so much about my experiences in life, but whenever i do that, i tried to think about the audience. Whether would they like it or not. But I realized, this doesn't make me happy. The thing is, i made my hobby my job, that's why i no longer enjoy anything anymore. I tried to make everything feel like work, when I know that I just want to have fun.

So, starting this day, i'll be back expressing myself just for the sake of it! I won't make any money from this blog, and it's sole purpose is to entertain me and make me happy! Right grammar or not!

I'll treat this blog as my public diary and i will have fun with it!!!!

To be honest with you, I miss the fun creating brings me. I read my blogs (including my anonymous blogs), and I feel that the person writing those words are really feeling what she's saying, and she's genuine, innocent and authentic. And I know that's because she isn't trying too hard. 

My business is all about creating, but because of the stress it brings me most times, I wasn't having fun with it. That's why I really appreciate this plan that I thought of.

So yeah, i'm back to blogging and sharing my imperfect life. I'm back to being silly and just honest and carefree. I won't give fucks about whether people what I wrote, because this blog is mine! 

I miss you nininsmiles!!!


4 years seemed like a very short time but a lot of things had happened. I am currently living now in Olongapo and I am married to the love of my life - Gianpaolo <3

4 years ago, i was a girl who's longing to meet the love of her life, and now, i finally am very happy with him. We're married for two years and it was such an amazing feeling - that is being with the person you are dreaming of.

I am currently working on my online business, so that I could start my dreams of traveling.

It's a sad reality that I still am not traveling. Maybe this is what's changed. My enthusiasm is fading a little bit. But I told myself that I will never give up this dream. I will do it, in time. 

I want to have fun. I want life to be fun, whether I achieve my dreams or not. I don't wanna spend it worrying so much whether I'll achieve it or not, and just enjoy the journey as I go. I don't wanna be compromising anything. I will have fun because I deserve it.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Build up that mind muscle!

The past two years, I had no idea I actually am building up the muscles on my brain. I have a great hold of my thoughts and I have been being blessed because of it. :) Thanks be to God.

We have to take care of our thoughts. It is what makes our lives. Here are some of the things I do to keep my mind healthy and pretty! 

1. G.I. G.O. Garbage in, garbage out. 
We have to be careful about what we intake. I recommend we stop watching the news, start reading books that will inspire us and keep us imagining. It's a healthy exercise. Keep listening to happy songs!! This is an easy way to leave the negative world and go to that wonderful happy alternate universe! God bless the people who invented eBooks and YouTube! So, replace garbage in garbage out, with greatness in greatness out.

2. Be grateful with everything. 
Saying thanks will make God feel appreciated (yes, he does haha). That way he wants to give more. Gratitude attracts more blessings also. Everything happens for a reason. Everything, even pain and suffering, is a good thing. 
"From struggle comes strength. Even pain can be a wonderful teacher. To transcend pain, you must first experience it. Or to put it another way, how can you really know the joy of the summit unless you have first visited the lowest valley? To savor the good, one must know the bad." - The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma

3. Exercise! 
This is the easiest thing to help you shift your mind to good. It's good to jog to a beautiful park, but you can also download videos that is fun and feels just like play. I recommend only the gym if you are with a friend, so it would motivate you to go everytime. 

4. Pray. Make God your best friend.
Thank Him for every blessing, even the small ones, and keep asking for wishes. He'd grant it! God is a genie. Say your daily affirmations upon waking up and before going to bed. Download MyThoughts from app store, where they create great positive daily reminders.

5. Stay away from negative people as long as possible. 
If they're everywhere, keep your earphones on. LOL haha. Or it's a better practice if you influence them to be positive :)

6. Be with happy people and people who share the same interests. 
It's just fun!

7. Meditate. 
Download Headspace at the app store to guide you in your daily meditation. This is my favorite! I like getting high you know! LOL. 

8. Always think of the bright side. 
Everything that is happening always have a good side to it. ALL. THE. TIME. It's hard at first but soon it will be automatic. Exercise your brain to do it. Build up the muscle so it will be easier to do it. Make the habit!

9. Keep writing.
I don't really care if you're not a writer. Just write. Write about the what you are feeling, so you don't have to express it to some other people. Don't be a burden. It's okay to release stress to your closest friends but it's better to write it down, and just leave it to God, and be happy

10. Don't blame, don't complain, don't justify. 
Do it and see the magic it would do. :) 

Last but not least...

11. Be patient. It's not overnight to build up a muscle, hey. Just keep doing it, persevere and you'll see results in at least within a month. 

These are just some of the things I do. :) I am just so happy right now. I hope you are too!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I was left hanging.

I have been reading this book entitled "This is Where I Leave You" by Jonathan Tropper, and they left me hanging at the end!! It's bitin! I know in some way it's supposed to be bitin, like how they say that when you experience such incident in your life, and you have options, the end-result is always unpredictable. But still, I'd be happier to know the ending!

The story is about Judd, who caught his wife having sex with his boss, in their own bedroom during her birthday. He was supposed to surprise her that's why he came home early, but apparenly, he was the one surprised. The story also revolved around the family of Judd, who had a reconnection when their father died. They were asked to Sit Shiva for 7 days (a jewish tradition) so they have to deal with each other for 7 days in their own house. It's a story about how Judd's life is so fucked up. 

I am really pissed!! The ending did not state what Judd did to his life afterward. Jonathan really kept me wondering, "what if Judd get back together with Jen? Will they still be happy? I really think they wouldn't be, because Jen will always be the cheating bitch, and the picture of her and Wade on Judd's bed will never leave his mind, ever. And why won't he push the relationship with Penny? I mean what's up with that? Well, maybe the point here is to not get a rebound especially if the rebound is someone special and worthy of a real relationship (which penny is)." I am so curious and anxious right now. I hope he ended up with penny, doing their pact at the end. Or maybe he should stay alone, figure out his life and just meet someone new. I really hope he makes the right decision. 

I don't know. This book made me hate relationships. It will tell you about how messy relationships can get. But it really is a good book!! Too many life lessons. Too blunt, too real but sometimes too negative, but it will make your mind open.

I love how detailed and funny and sarcastic this book is. I also love Jonathan's abundant vocabulary. :) read it!!! Love this!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


A super fun and adventurous vacation story in a dreamy island told through a few words and very interesting pictures.

DAY 1 - December 2, 2013

Blue sailboats on the White Beach

 Alta Vista de Boracay Hotel - cozy and serene experience.
We were met with their welcome drink - the yummy green gulaman.

 The secluded Puka Beach

 Dinner at Red Coconut

DAY 2 - December 3, 2013
 Breakfast buffet at Alta Vista de Boracay

Infinity Pool
Next stop: Fairways and Bluewaters
Yes. We went hotel-hopping. It was fun and exciting :) Fairways is the best place to stay among all hotels. LIKE!

 Blue lemonade as their welcome drink.
 Super stunning lobby.

 Banana Boat!
 I'm that orange girl who fell, and it was the climax of the experience. Haha.

 Island hopping and snorkeling. There's not much fish though.

 Did some henna tattoo. Sick design!


DAY 3 - December 4, 2013
 Hotel Soffia - a hotel located at a mountain top, AND I THINK IT'S HAUNTED. LOL.
 Mango juice as their welcome drink.

A trip to Antique in Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao. Very solemn mountain.

Hiking buddies from Australia! Medyo nosebleed! :)

Rheyanna and the waterfalls.

Hi Niko! Taking selfies from my phone. Push mo yan.

This is really fun. It's called the Kawa Spa. We get to touch and feel each other's feet with this experience. LOL haha.

Dinner at our room in Hotel Soffia. I love their food the most though, despite the fact that it's like hotel california scary LOL. This plate is really huge in person but because i'm super hungry, I ate it all.

DAY 4 - December 5, 2013

 Breakfast at Hotel Soffia. Our tummies are happy because the food is yummy!

 Last stop: Sol Marina
Very disappointing experience. The hotel is still underconstruction, and it's the most expensive among the four hotels. The aircon is broken and the view from the balcony is depressing. </3

Lemongrass Iced tea as their welcome drink. 
Hey Ren, don't be sad about this hotel LOL. At least they have exclusive access to Punta Bunga Beach :)

ATV track
 Feeling like hot girls riding this really cool ATVs! I actually imagine I'm going to punch some random person because he's blocking my way. Medyo Siga.

Zipline at Mt. Luho!

Wildlife expo.

At Mt. Luho's peak.

 Ren being taught to skim.

Selfie at the beach. Feeling hot beach babe ;)

Our skim teachers! For free! Haha.

 Playful child.

 This Paraw Sailing is SUPER FUN!!!! IT'S MY FAVORITE! We went to the middle of the sea to watch the sunset and it feels so liberating.

 Having pizza and pasta for dinner at Sbarro.

DAY 5 - December 6, 2013

Punta Bunga Beach

And then we went home and went back to reality. 

~The End~

Boracay is the still the best! Memories in Boracay. You know what I'm talking about. ;)