Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I was left hanging.

I have been reading this book entitled "This is Where I Leave You" by Jonathan Tropper, and they left me hanging at the end!! It's bitin! I know in some way it's supposed to be bitin, like how they say that when you experience such incident in your life, and you have options, the end-result is always unpredictable. But still, I'd be happier to know the ending!

The story is about Judd, who caught his wife having sex with his boss, in their own bedroom during her birthday. He was supposed to surprise her that's why he came home early, but apparenly, he was the one surprised. The story also revolved around the family of Judd, who had a reconnection when their father died. They were asked to Sit Shiva for 7 days (a jewish tradition) so they have to deal with each other for 7 days in their own house. It's a story about how Judd's life is so fucked up. 

I am really pissed!! The ending did not state what Judd did to his life afterward. Jonathan really kept me wondering, "what if Judd get back together with Jen? Will they still be happy? I really think they wouldn't be, because Jen will always be the cheating bitch, and the picture of her and Wade on Judd's bed will never leave his mind, ever. And why won't he push the relationship with Penny? I mean what's up with that? Well, maybe the point here is to not get a rebound especially if the rebound is someone special and worthy of a real relationship (which penny is)." I am so curious and anxious right now. I hope he ended up with penny, doing their pact at the end. Or maybe he should stay alone, figure out his life and just meet someone new. I really hope he makes the right decision. 

I don't know. This book made me hate relationships. It will tell you about how messy relationships can get. But it really is a good book!! Too many life lessons. Too blunt, too real but sometimes too negative, but it will make your mind open.

I love how detailed and funny and sarcastic this book is. I also love Jonathan's abundant vocabulary. :) read it!!! Love this!

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