Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Personal Blog Post (APBP): Reuniting with My Bestfriend after 4 years.

As usual, I was bored again.
It was father's day (no celebration 'coz paps abroad) and Rizal just turned 150. 
I went to the mall, with Neng. We were just hanging out and laughing out loud. 
Suddenly, my phone beeped. 
The message read: "Janine. Are you free tonight? At my crib? Bring Ynna, Raia and Jeanne if you can."
From a friend who I haven't seen in years, I replied "Sure! Will be there right away"

I immediately texted Raia but unfortunately she wasn't coming because she had stuffs to do, and Jeanne is unreachable. It was just me, and Neng.  

Since we were just in SM Makati, we decided to stroll down our way going to Marie's house in South Forbes Park. It was one of the scariest moments of our lives. It was starting to get dark and Ynna and I, were inside the village and we got lost! We can't find Marie's house and we were running scared and were too paranoid. Ang scary naman kasi pag gabi! There were a lot of vacant lots and huge trees everywhere. We look stupid pero it's too funny everytime I remember it because we were almost crying. HAHA grabe lang. 

Anyways, we were lucky because we found the house, and tantananan! We saw MARIE for the first time after 4 years!! Woohoo!! 

Shy type.
 Why do we look so cute together? 
Grabe lang! I so missed you Marie! You just didn't know, but I was holding back my tears the entire time! 
Syempre, hindi mawawala ang food trip.  
 Foodtrip all the way. 
Super long chat for the first time again!
We played Monopoly when we're done eating but we got bored so we stopped.
 While Marie was busy inviting friends to come over, I and Ynna did a battle.
 This is a serious battle because real money is at stake. XD

After a bit later, 2 friends come over and we just had a few drinks. Si Marie lasing. Wala lang I just missed her so much that I have to blog about it. HAHA!

Marie! See you soon pero promise me you will be sober the next time. Love yah!

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