Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sitti: Philippine's Queen of Bossa Nova

 Today, I just did my usual strolling at the mall, but this time, I brought Tati, my 3-year-old sister, with me just because I missed her. I was wandering around the vicinity of Glorietta, Greenbelt and Landmark for some window shopping, and did see sights.
In the middle of my ambling in Glorietta, I found out that Sitti Navarro was going to perform today, and God knows how much I love Sitti! I asked the nearest security guard on how will I be able to watch the show and he told me to buy her latest album in the entrance of the activity center. Upon hearing these words, without second thoughts, I immediately purchased her CD worth 290 pesos and I got the green stub - meaning, I got the chance to have the CD sign by Sitti herself. :D

I bought the CD at around 3pm and the show would start at 6. We first ate at Mcdo, roamed some more, bought my textbook Communication Theories by Stephen Littlejohn, and after we did all that, it was 4.30. I was too lazy to wander some more because there were too many people this day (probably doing some late back-to-school shopping) so Tati and I just sat there on the stairs beside the activity center and while Tati did some playing with the balloons I bought her, I took the opportunity to do some meditating.
Tati, sobrang enjoy sa pagpapalipad ng lobo. 

At around 5 pm, we entered the area of the show and you won't imagine my happiness after realizing we got the best seat in town. We were on the second row, in the middle-est.
This is my view from my seat.

We waited there for an hour and at exactly 6pm, Sitti showed up. Grabe I love her! I don't know pero she looks so charming in person and her energy was different. Plus, I always loved her voice and her music. Today, she launched her album after 2 years. She said that it took them that long because they wanted to create more original songs and I could tell it was worth the wait. It was her 3rd and it was self-titled. 

Sitti also guested Jek Manuel (former lead vocalist of the band IAXE) and did a duet of the song Ako'y sayo Ika'y akin.

Sitti also guested Ebe Dancel, lead vocals of the prestigious band Sugarfree. 

"THE" RJ Jacinto also showed up. For those who didn't know him, sabi nila he's ledge. I did know him through my dad, and through the RJ TV whenever I passed by the station. I don't really know him that much pero sa nakita ko, I think he's really a great artist. He was excellent in the guitars. Watch the video and he did a solo there. Superb. :) It really is best seeing different super talented musicians in one show. 
I am super sorry kung very low image and sound quality yung videos ko. I left my videocam at home at pinagtyagaan ko ang digicam ko. MY BAD.

The show ended at super nafulfill ako. Meron pa ngang isang fan ni Sitti dun na sigaw ng sigaw ng MORE and he was really hilarious coz he was like so in love with Sitti. 
After that, meet and greet na tas signing of the CDs. 
Yehey. :) 
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Sitti's Album details:
   1.Wag Mo na Munang Sabihin
   2. Dream Enough Feat Richard Poon
   3. To Forget You
   4. Ako'y sayo, Ika'y akin Feat. Jek Manuel
   5. End it with You
   6. Sulat Feat. Gary Granada
   7. Muli Feat. RJ Jacinto
   8. Baby I'm in Love
   9. Sana
   10. Sinong Mag-aakala
Bonus Track:
   11. Wag Mo na Munang Sabihin Feat Ebe Dancel

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