Thursday, November 7, 2013

PBP: 3 days 2 nights Baguio Trip! Happy Birthday Marie!

Since this is a personal blog post, I'mma make this real quick! :)

It's beb Marie's birthday celebration in Baguio! Originally, it was supposed to be in Boracay but their private planes were fully booked since she was late to reserve the dates for the trip (Yes, they own private planes. With an s). So, no choice but to go with Plan B which is Baguio. We stayed at their huge beautiful house there. If I'm not mistaken, there are more than 7 rooms in that house and the last time we stayed there, which was last year (it was my second time), we occupied all the rooms because we were 10 people. This year, Marie only get to celebrate it with us 4 special people - Me, King (Marie's funny boyfriend), Raia, and Monarch (Raia's gentleman boyfriend). Yes they're a couple of couples and I'm the fifth wheel. I don't mind though. :) 

We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. 

October 26, 2013 - First day!
We arrived there at around 3 pm. We have no itinerary so we just trusted our spontaneous selves. 

Karaoke night!

Picking songs while drinking San Miguel Apple. Chiiiiiiill.
Look how cute these 2 are!
Medyo maharot.
We also played pusoy dos. Pusoy dos will be a Marie's birthday tradition. Originally we played it last year with dares. If you lose, you'll get to do the dare by the first winner. But that day we didn't play it with dares because King doesn't know how to play it, so we just enjoyed the bragging rights of winning the game alone, and how King "abnormally"played the game. Haha!

October 27, 2013 - Second day!

The second day we decided to go to Burnham Park and Camp John Hay but we left like around 3 pm soooo...
Paris ang peg with the beanie and shirt. #outfitoftheday

 Pictorial at Burnham. 

We arrived at Camp John Hay way too late so we weren't able to go to the tree top adventure so we decided to just play with the camera!

Just lying around. :)

We went home and Marie did the cooking! Her specialty: Bicol Express. And it was yummy!
After that is smores time!

Girls on fire. :)

Yummy melted marshmallows coated in chocolate Hershey's and graham! :) <3 

Bonfires are beautiful :)

October 28, 2013 - Third day!

On the third day, we decided to go to the peak of Mt. Sto. Tomas. It was sooooooo beautiful. We were so high, we were literally inside the clouds!

Betcha can't have just one!

We went to tree top adventure afterward.

I really love you guys hahaha.

We went to ride the Superman Zipline.

It's a bird. It's a plane. Not! It's us! :)

Everything is always fun with your bestfriends!

Happy birthday Pretty Beb!

Baguio 2013.
Photos (c) Kingpaolo Co Yuson

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