Monday, April 18, 2011

Nothing beats the virgins!

There are a lot of beautiful things in life that you didn't know could exist, because it's so good you can't believe it's true. :)

I was lucky enough to have discovered one of those things - the Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur. This place is one of the tourist's attractions in Bicol because of the Islands' unexploited features and virginity-perfect for a very unforgettable island hopping adventure.

At the first part of the trip (the land transportation), it gave us the hassle because of the 12-hour drive from Manila to Naga port. Then from the port, we rode a boat that brought us to the hotel. The hotel wasn't as classy as I expected. It was located beside a flowing river. It's just an ordinary room, but with air conditioning. At the least, we don't need to worry for tiktiks slashing our bellies at night and it managed to gave us enough comfort we need.
The hotel beside the flowing river.

Before reaching the islands, we need to ride a jeepney that will bring us to the port. From the port, we have to take a boat to get to the islands. It's not the usual hotel-beside-beach thingy but a hotel-jeepney-boat-island thingy.
 After the 30 minute boat ride from the port, we reached one of the islands of Caramoan Paradise.

Caramoan Islands, Camarines Sur
Taking pictures of surrounding beauties from the boat. I literally cried while taking these photographs. I love seeing such works of art of God in real life. I never wanna go home after being there. Being able to see such exquisite sceneries makes me feel weak. REAL BREATHTAKER.  
Taking pictures on the rock!
One amazing fact about the islands is that the sands are actually Puka shells that were crushed by the waves for a long time resulting it to be powdery, making the surface cool even under the fiery sun. AWESOME!
Taking a picture in one of the huge rocks on shore.
Discovered a large spider on a web just an inch beside my face.

Caramoan indeed is a paradise. Unfortunately we weren't able to visit everything, and we weren't able to do spelunking because my little cousin was too scared of the big waves.  Because of this, I promise to come back to this island to do stuffs I haven't done.

I love you Caramoan!


  1. Amazing! I've never been in Caramoan! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience and maybe someday I'll pack my bags and visit the virgins ;)

  2. Hello anon! :) Go visit it! it's really worth all of your money and time! I'm going there again and hopefully you do too!! That time i'd be posting more beautiful things from caramoan. :)