Monday, April 18, 2011

Some girls kiss frogs. I, eat them.

One boring day, I called my best friend Neng and told her we should go out. Luckily for me, she was a bummer as well. We decided to go to Quiapo and ended up having our future told by some guy fortune teller. It's thrilling because he was very masculine, his name was "Brother Totoy" and he was like saying stuffs about our love lives, our careers, about getting pregnant and the likes. We paid 100 pesos for the service. Having your future told! For just a hundred pesos! By a macho man! How sweet is that?!

Yes, we are bored.

Right after that, we went to this Hidalgo Street - known for its cheap DSLR finds - and went to canvass on  cameras. We found the stores and also learned that the stuffs were really cheaper but not that much. If you ask me, I still prefer buying in malls.

We WERE bored. Now we ARE hungry. Neng and I decided to look for the well-known "Escolta" located at Chinatown in Binondo, where famous exotic foods were being served. At first we thought that escolta was a street, but we later found out that it was a small eskinita located at the end of a bridge. It was a row of different carinderias. Food, mostly chinese, were being served. We went to one of the carinderias and asked the canteen helper for exotic foods. She told us that frogs were the only thing being served, since it was illegal to sell endangered animals. We ordered the Butter-fried Frog and Yang Chow fried rice and waited patiently for the food to be attacked on...
All I can say is that it really does tastes like chicken, just chewier. YUM!


  1. I've tried it before, It really taste like chicken...have you tried other exotic foods?

  2. No. Well, not yet! I'm planning to visit the suburbs and look for those stuffs. Watch out for my blog post about that. :)