Saturday, October 26, 2013

How do you make studying effective AND fun??


The hardest challenge I've ever encountered in my life. I have to admit that I can be great in everything, except for one: STUDYING. I'm referring about the School Studying, School Academics, whatever you call it because I only believe in selective studying. I mean why would I waste my time and mental space acquiring stuffs I might not use in the future instead of learning things that could give me benefits in the long run? I could be studying mixed martial arts, marketing strategies, financial literacy instead of wasting my precious time in Filipino and Religion. Or maybe I'm just too lazy. Or maybe because 75% of things I learned in life, experience was the one who taught me. But as a student, I have no choice but to study, for me to finish college and make my life legit.

So since I couldn't do anything about it, I looked for ways and tips to make studying more enjoyable and FUN!

Tip # 1: Have a neat and organized study place

            Physical world is the reflection of our mental world so if you want an organized thinking, better stop being a clutter queen/king and start cleaning your room now.

Tip #2: Have a special alone time for studying
            Create a schedule especially allotted for studying and make the people around you aware of it. Make signs like "Do not disturb, genius in the making." and the likes hang on your door. I made my 8-10 pm only for pure studying.

Tip # 3: Surround yourself with FOOD!

It's always fun and never boring with food!

Tip # 4: Have a 10-minute break every 30 minutes. 
           I like this one. This would make you absorb information effectively because your brain could rest and it wouldn't feel too heavy. Like, one lesson at a time.

Tip # 5: Listen to Baroque Music
           According to studies, baroque music syncs the two sides of the brain, the left brain (analytical) and the right brain (creative) - making you more alert and focused.

Tip # 6: Motivate yourself
            Always make it a habit to remind yourself of why you are doing these small sacrifices as studying. Maybe it's your dream trip to Europe, or that handsome car you've been eye-ing for months now. Whatever that is, always picture it in your mind, better if you print out pictures of it and post it on the walls of your room.

Tip # 7: Believe in your self <3

Tip # 8: Don't fool yourself and use your time wisely

             Something I hate to hear from every student: I have so much to do I'm always busy I don't have time. This is purely FICTION. I mean, try to stop stalking your friends on facebook, instagram and the likes, stop that daily overthinking about how your life sucked, and start waking up early after a 4-hour of sleep and work on that shit you're "busy" of.
Tip # 8: Pray before you study
            This is sooooo cheesy for some but this is the most effective study tip. Even a 3 sentence prayer like "Hi God! Imma study now so please give me a lot of strength and patience! Love you always xoxo!", will work you wonders. 

So those are my study tips. I saw this picture in the phone, only 4 subjects were released that day. At least I could tell it somehow worked since I don't take studying seriously. :)

I'm currently out of school. I just missed studying and it inspired me to write such post. Enjoy school now because you will definitely miss it a lot once you start working your ass off. :)

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